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Soft roller


As a heating, pressurizing roller to fix the image of digital picture, by using an individual complex processing technology to combine some flexible layers,the excellent image performance and high durability are realized

Soft roller is made by set up elastic rubber layer and fluororesin layer on metal or base of thermal resistant plastic belt and by using an individual complex processing technology, it is able combined from some flexible layers. It is possible for heating and pressurizing rollers of color printer or multifunction printer to realize necessary high image property and high durability. Elastic rubber layer has some kinds of thermal conductivity, and fluororesin layer has a PFA tube that has a high mold-releasing characteristic and be produce by coating process. For heating roller, each its layer is allowed to have conductivity, and the elastic layer is an inverse crown shape that make by an individual casting method without using abrasion.

Soft roller
Industry used
OA machine field
Fixing roller for toner of digital picture kind of color printer or mutifuction printer.


Base layer Metal pipes, metal shafts, metal sleeves, thermal conductivity plastic belt.
Elastic rubber layer Silicon rubber,Thermal conductivity 0.3-1.6W/mk.
Fluorine surface PFA tube,PFA/PTFE(PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) coating.

Outer Diameter:φ14-65mm
Total length: A4, A3 size

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