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Poreflon® Membrane


Poreflon Membrane are PTFE (poly terafluoroethylene)porous membranes produced by our unique expansion-technology. It features chemical resistance,heat resistance,high retention of very small particles and high flow capability.

In addition, we can make the water-repellency surface of the PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) hydrophilic by original processing technique . Poreflon™ hydrophilic membrane is most suitable for the filtration of the water solution.
Poreflon™ Membrane is superior in weather resistance, a low dielectric characteristic like water-repellency. It is utilized as a waterproofing film for electronic parts in the field of car and the household electrical appliance etc, as a covering material of the electric wire.

Poreflon® Membrane
Features & Benefits
  • (1)There is not an extraction by stability for the acid of most acids, alkalis and solvents.
    (except some molten alkali metals and fluorine at high temperature )
  • (2)High flow rate.
  • (3)Water repellent
  • (4)Flexibility, and easy handling.
  • (5)Superior tensile strength
Industry used
semiconductor, liquid crystal, medicine, electronic part, car, home electric appliance
2.Breather valve (an air vent)
3.Wire insulating materials
4.Waterproof fabric


  Item No. Pore Size
Flow Rate
hidrophobic FP-010-60 0.1 60 150 220 4 1
FP-022-60 0.22 60 120 180 8 2
FP-045-80 0.45 80 80 120 20 4
FP-100-100 1 100 40 60 60 8
FP-500-100 5 100 15 20 120 15
WP-020-80 0.2 80 120 170 8 5
WP-045-80 0.45 80 70 110 30 10
WP-100-100 1 100 40 60 60 20
WP-500-100 5 100 15 20 120 30
HP-010-30 0.1 30 180 280 4 2
HP-020-30 0.2 30 120 180 10 4
HP-045-30 0.45 30 80 120 30 8
hydrophilic HPW-010-30 0.1 30 180 3
HPW-020-30 0.2 30 120 5
HPW-045-30 0.45 30 80 29
Above numerical value is not spec but representative.
Liquid Flow Rate:Hydrophobic membrane is measured by IPA.. Differential pressure is 93kPa.
Hydrophilic membrane is measured by water. Differential pressure is 29kPa.
Air Flow Rate:Differential pressure is 98kPa.
*Custom-ordered product are also available upon request.Contact us for further information.
*Can be laminated with another materials.Contact us for further information.


Standard Sizes
Width: hydrophobic membrane 250 to 320mm,hydrophilic membrane 250 to 300mm
You can order the products in the exact width you need within the above range
Length: 1m min


  • ※Contact us for further information beforehand.
  • ※Do not attempt to burn Poreflon™ Membrane since PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) may generate toxic gas when burnt.
  • ※All statements and technical information contained herein are based on test we believe to be reliable and only general properties are described, so that safety of each applications by users is not guaranteed. For safety reason, the users themselves shall determine suitability for their intended use.
  • ※The users assume all responsibility for all damages that may be caused directly or indirectly when using the products.
    All description herein are based on data and information available at this time and may subject to change without notice.
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