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Polyimide tube


By making th best use of polymide tube characteristics such as : seamless, thin thickness, stability and excellent thermal resistance,it is developing as a functional part of laser printer or multifunction printer

"Fuser roller, belt" is a seamless and thin thickness tube, shows excellent thermal resistance, no shape deformation because of heat-circle and high flexible characteristic. Moreover, through giving conductivity to polyimide or effort to improve the thermal conductivity, it is possible to laminate it to other thermal resistance resins and advance the developments of various useful responds.

Polyimide tube
Industry used
OA machine Field
Funtional part of laser printer or multifunction printer


Thickness: 40μm~100μm (monolayer),
max-min different coefficient: thickness±10%,
Size: diameter: φ15~50mm,
Full length: ~400mm,

conductivity, thermal conductivity allowance, select filler due to the use.


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