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If you will call us directly, you can reach our Business Development team at one of the following numbers:

Irradiated Products,Sales Dept (Japan) 81(6)6220-4280
Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Inc.(U.S.A.) 1(760)761-0600
Sumitomo Electric Schrumpf-Produkte, GmbH.(Germany)
Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer (Suzhou) Ltd.(China)
Sumi-Pac Corp.(TAIWAN)
Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products
(Hong Kong) Ltd.

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Irradiated Products
Irradiated Products
Irradiated Products(Sumitube™ ,Irrax tube™ ,Irrax sleeve™)
Click here for inquiry on Irradiated Products.
POREFLON™ Products
POREFLON® Products
, Poreflon™ Tube
Membrane Module Products
Membrane Module Products
Coated Products
Coated Products
Engineering plastic products
Engineering plastic products
, Micromold


Reach our Business Development team by telephone for inquiry on other products.

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